Summertime Living

Summertime living….

The calendar doesn’t say it is summer but the weather sure does. These hot temperatures have our grass turning brown already, weeds growing along with plants and flowers.

The Grass

Hopefully you fertilized and aerated your lawn last month. Watering one inch per week is what your grass needs to keep it green. A handy trick, place an empty tuna can on your lawn when you water to know when you have your one inch. Over watering is not helpful to your lawn and garden. This action causes surface root growth instead of the preferred deep root growth. In these times of changing weather patterns, conserving water is that much more important, so do your part with proper watering technique.

Having your grass cut to 3.5 inch is important in the summer. Cutting it too short will encourage weeds as well as drying out the soil. It is possible to keep a green lawn through out the hot summer by deep weekly watering as well as correct cutting height. Our team is well experienced in cutting your lawn, let us know if we can be of assistance.The garden

Hopefully you have mulched your garden after your spring clean up. This will help keep weeds at bay and help the ground stay moist longer. It is never too late to apply mulch, so if you need help, give Neighborscape a call to have 2 inches of composed pine mulch applied to your gardens. Spend 20 minutes every second day weeding the garden. Doing this chore in several small bursts per week, really helps to cut down on the overall time of weeding.

The patio

Now is the time to sit back on your beautiful interlock patio and enjoy the garden. If your patio or path could do with a bit of a face lift, big or small, give Neighborscape a call as we are seasoned in transforming your space into an oasis. A backyard entertainment center is a great investment in the value of your home as well as your quality of life.

Enjoy your weekends and downtime in your beautiful backyard oasis.

Summertime Living!