Why Choose NeighborScape?

Hey, neighbour! We’re Ottawa’s full service landscaping construction and design company. Often when meeting with new clients, they’ll ask us about our process. Well, we don’t much like to brag, but we’ve spent a lot of time honing our skills and process, and we think this deserves some recognition. Let’s walk through our process so you know what to expect:

Goal Setting and Quoting

The first step of every project begins with you! We want to get to know your vision and goals for your yard. We’ll analyze your property and help guide the process so that you understand what is possible within your space and budget. Together, we’ll work on a project outline and quote. Because we’ve invested time into developing our quoting and project management processes, we are able to provide clients with a guarantee that we complete work on time, on budget.

Bringing Your Vision to Life

Every landscaping project begins with 2D mockups, and proceeds to 3D modelling if the scope of the project requires it. This helps our clients visualize their project’s design. We like to think of these mockups as the ultrasound-photo of your landscaping project. You’re welcome to share it with your friends to brag about your future lawn, we don’t mind. Once you’re fully satisfied with the design process, we’ll get to work!

The Dirty Work

Landscaping can be a down and dirty job (just ask our washing machines). We’re having a great time, but we understand that the process of building a new yard can be stressful and unpleasant to look at for our clients. That’s why we ensure our team tidies up your property at the end of each day, meaning you’re left with a work in progress, but not piles of unsightly tools and mud tracked through your lovely home.

The Finished Product

We sure love our mothers, but mother nature can be a real b… urden on our industry. As a result, we’ve got contingency plans! We’ve learned to expect the unexpected, and plan for mother nature to throw us a few curveballs along the way. We’ll work to ensure your project is still completed on time and on budget, because the core of our services revolves around leaving clients happy. If you’re not satisfied, we’re not finished.


Let’s talk. We’d love to provide you with a quote to begin your landscaping, construction or property maintenance project. We’ll walk you through your own unique project in detail, and provide you with a budget guarantee.

Best of all, this year we’re giving away a FREE BBQ this Canada Day long weekend to one of our neighbours that requests a quote – with no purchase necessary. We’d just like to have the chance to show us how we can help transform your property. What better way to enjoy the outdoors and celebrate Canada than to stoke up the barbie and enjoy some fresh grilled corn and burgers? We’ll leave the fireworks up to you.


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