Nobody Builds Garden Walls Better Than We Do!

The only kind of walls we believe in here at NeighborScape are garden walls!

Garden walls allow for land that has various levels to be landscaped to its fullest potential! They also liven up flat yards, and can help to separate different types of plants from one another. Garden walls can also help stop soil erosion and redirect water flows.

natural stone garden wallsIf you’re considering structuring your outdoor space with garden walls, we can help! From digging garden beds to building beautiful interlock and natural stone garden walls, we’ll help make your backyard something you’re proud to show off to your friends, family and neighbours.

How to Plant Within your Walled Garden

There are some considerations you’ll need to make when planting within a garden wall! Here are some key tips to making sure your wall stays intact, and your plants grow healthy and strong.

Don’t Overplant

Never overplant a walled garden. It’s risky to overplant any garden because your plants need room for their roots to really grow! But an overplanted walled garden means that roots can actually push through your walls. Plant no closer than the drip line from the roof to ensure that natural water reaches foundation planting, but so that the root systems don’t damage your walls. Keep plants at least 10 inches from the front of the wall to allow for room to dig in your soil, without putting pressure on the wall.

interlock stone garden walls

Give bushes enough room to grow without being overcrowded. Space is needed to give air circulation to ensure the stay disease-free through the spring and summer months.

Keep Earth Level Below the Wall

Don’t pile your dirt above your garden wall. This will minimize any earth being lost during heavy rains. 


Are you considering building an interlock or natural stone garden wall? Perhaps you have an existing garden, and need a bit of help from a horticulturist! We would love to help!

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