All About Interlock Stone

Landscape design is so much more fun when you actually know what specific terms mean – and all the details that accompany each. Luckily, you have us experts who can break it down for you! Today’s post will be unveiling everything you need to know about the oh-so-popular interlock stone.

What is interlock stone? What can it be used for?

Interlock stones are natural or precast building bricks used to create a multitude of features. Walls, patios, retaining walls, raised gardens, steps, pillars, and waterfalls are just a few of the beautiful property features that one can make with interlock.  It can create depth to an outdoor living space and even provide eye-catching conversation pieces.  Interlock is a flexible product, and almost acts like Lego – the things you can build with it are only limited by imagination.

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What are the top trends for using interlock stone?  What are the most popular types?

It’s interesting. A few years ago, we noticed curvature was a big trend with interlock designs. But now we’re seeing the trend evolve to much more linear, clean lines. Minimalism is coming in hot: lots of greys and blacks, sleek designs, and just an overall clean look.

Specifically, we are seeing a lot of people using modular patterns rather than the classic herringbone or running bond patterns.  With a modular pattern, three different sizes of bricks are used that fit together randomly, creating a unique visual appeal.

Another trend is using interlock wall blocks (historically used for gardens) as functional items like benches or fire pits.

Mind you, trends, colours, styles, materials, and colour are all based on the property or house.  Everyone’s place is different and each place requires (and deserves) a unique approach to find what works best and compliments the most.

Permacon and Techoblock are the gold standard for interlock in Eastern Canada – and the suppliers that we use.  They offer a wide variety of styles, looks, colours, and prices; there’s something for everyone.

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What are some of NeighborScape’s favourite ways to use interlock?

We find interlock the perfect companion to a pool, especially when coupled with a custom feature such as a waterfall. It brings the pool area to life.

We also love larger-scale projects that involve different areas, materials, and/or trades (i.e. working with a company who is building a deck, 3-season room, fence, etc); something that really changes the entire landscape of the property.  We seek projects that make an impact, like a retaining wall that creates a 2-tiered yard, a large patio to provide a beautiful outdoor living space, a pool for a gorgeous water feature, or a double-sided wall or bench.  The idea of taking unusable lawn/garden space and making it usable and functional is what we really enjoy doing.

What are the benefits of using interlock stone? 

There are so many benefits to using interlock, but we find the biggest benefit to be affordability and durability.  It’s more affordable than a wooden deck, lasts far longer, and requires much less maintenance.  It’s a great product if you want to ‘set and forget’ and have minimal maintenance, yet it’s still repairable, unlike asphalt, for example.

Interlock works for our environment and climate.  It’s flexible: through freeze and thaw, it will move and adjust, instead of cracking like asphalt or concrete would.  It also has permeable and non-permeable pavers that can be used for different types of drainage requirements.  Interlock comes in such a wide variety that there is something for everybody.

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How can NeighborScape help you create the perfect interlock design?

We work in a process. From the beginning of the project we want to make sure we meet your criteria and requirements.  Even after you’ve booked your project, we are still flexible to design changes since our pricing is based solely on dimension and square footage.  Between the signing of the contract and the beginning of the project, we strive to be accommodating and flexible to modify the project to your specific needs and tastes.  We ensure that we are in constant communication throughout the entire design and construction process.  We are open to opinions and design changes, and will also provide professional suggestions as needed.

We have been working in interlock for a long time.  We have a good rapport with suppliers and have encountered a wide variety of obstacles that we have learned from. We quote and provide a design and installation that the customer actually wants and asks for.  Every job is finished on time and on budget.

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