Fire Up Your Grill Game With These Tips!

With our barbecue giveaway coming to an end on June 30th — there’s still time, book a quote to enter! — we wanted to highlight some tips and tricks to get the most out of your BBQ! Grilling season is upon us, and while some of you may already hold the title of grill master in your homes, we hope to answer some questions that may be on your mind!

Where is the best place to set up a BBQ (in your yard/on your patio)?

There are a few key issues to take into consideration when planning out where to set up your grill. It all comes down to logistics. Being the guy or girl on the grill, you don’t want to find yourself cooking all by yourself because you’ve placed the BBQ away from the rest of the party. The BBQ is a great appliance for social scenes, so try to keep it close enough that everyone can still chat, but not so close that people are getting suffocated by smoke!

Also keep in mind that lots of barbecues plug their gas line right into the house, so make sure that the patio set up caters to this need as well.

How can you incorporate your BBQ into your landscape and yard design?

There’s always a balance between functionality and aesthetic that has to occur. Being a heated appliance, it’s important that the BBQ not be too near anything combustible or have edges sticking out into paths. Trust us when we say that bumping into a BBQ and knocking over food, hot utensils and whatever else is a serious drain on the party mood.

Aesthetically speaking, a big clunky BBQ can be an eyesore if it completely stands out from the rest of the yard design. Whether it be keeping the crisp stainless steel BBQ or opting for an enamel finish for a smoother look, try to match with the environment you’re trying to create with the yard design. You wouldn’t tend to go for a shiny steel BBQ if you had a more natural forest look to your backyard.

How to care for a BBQ?

BBQs aren’t cheap and are usually one of the more expensive cooking tools in your arsenal. It’s important to keep it clean and  it on a regular basis. With all the food leftovers, grease and whatever else floats in from outside, BBQs can get quite dirty. The cooking grills and grease trays are of particular importance for regular maintenance. Always use a bristle free brush for safe cleaning of the grills. As a side note it’s important to occasionally check for leaks on the hose with soap and water!

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