Late Bloomers: What are the Best Fall Perennials?

 Your garden doesn’t have to end when summer does.  

Late blooming flowers are the pop of floral excitement your yard needs in the fall. And the wide assortment of bright, easy maintenance perennials makes fall gardening a breeze.  

Here are a couple top contenders for bringing your garden to life just when all the others are winding down.  


Sweet Autumn Clematis  

This flowering perennial vine grows up to 30 feet tall and is great for climbing a trellis or arbors. Its cloud-like spread of sweetly-scented flowers brings a soft, summer elegance to any autumn landscape. But make no mistake, the Autumn Clematis is a fairly sturdy perennial sitting at Zone 5. 

Plant the Sweet Autumn Clematis in full sun to partial shade. Pruning and cutting back in early spring will help produce new flower growth in the fall. Attracting bees and butterflies and providing shelter for tiny birds, this fluffy foliage will trick you into thinking it’s still summertime.  

clematis ottawa canadian plant

lilyturf canada perennial
If you’re into a rich, mustard-gold yellow then Goldenrod, or ‘Solidago’ is the fall perennial for you. These tall plants produce branches of pyramid shaped yellow and offers a rustic wildflower vibe to any garden. But that’s not even its best feature! The goldenrod is a favorite in the floral industry due to its versatility and longevity.  

In some areas goldenrod has become invasive. Look into your city’s invasive species before planting yours.  



While this cone-like purple plant is commonly used to prevent erosion or to line sidewalks or patios, the Lilyturf offers soft yet sturdy whimsy to fall gardens. Tiny 12″-18″ cones in various shades or purple or white, bloom in late summer or early fall and are followed by the appearance of a blue blackberry-like fruit that sticks around until winter.  

These low-ground perennials require weekly watering (or more depending on heat) and partial shade. Have deers in your area? No problem, the lilyturf is deer resistant!  



“Mums” are a popular choice for fall gardens because they come in a wide variety of shapes and colours and have a spicy, woodland scent.  But can they live through the winter? There are some hardy garden mums, bred in Alberta and Minnesota with the ability to tolerate a 3-4 climate. These long-lasting, sturdy little perennials are named: Morden Canary ( a yellow mum) Morden Delight (orange red) and Morden Fiesta (violet purple.)  

Another option are Mammoth Mums, perennials that can reach 3-4 feet tall and can tolerate zone 3 winters. Now THAT’S a Canadian plant. 


perennial fall chrysanthemum 

Autumn Joy Sedum  

The Autumn Joy Sedum provides little pink and white puffs of fall joy. This large, fleshy leaved succulent has thick stems topped by mauve or pink flowers that darken to a deep burgundy in the fall.  

These unique perennials are tough, easy to grow and drought-resistant. Plant them in full sun to partial shade and do some trimming in early July to avoid drooping when the heavy flowers bloom.  


How can Neighborscape help?  

Not a DIYer? Overwhelmed by all the perennial choices out there? We get it. Neighborscape’s gardening services range from custom design to regular maintenance. Our horticulture specialists add life to your outdoor space and help to banish weeds and pests. Your job is simple: Enjoy your garden.

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