North Gower Retaining Wall

Reminiscing about our projects we did this summer. First up – this amazing North Gower Retaining Wall.

Prior to our construction, the front yard had quite a steep slope.  For many years the clients attempted a variety of options to maintain the grass and quality of soil and to prevent erosion of the slope.  They finally decided to get rid of the slope and make the front yard two-tiered.
Design Challenges
There were no major design challenges with this project, but we had to distinguish the correct height for the walls and culverts, ensuring accuracy and a project that would stay in place for many years.
What was Unique About This Project?
We used a rather unique material, which was Rosetta Outcropping Stone.  It has a natural stone look, but is still precast, which makes it easier to install than real stones would be.  It is also a wonderful product because it lends itself well to large-scale retaining walls.  Due to its eye-catching nature it also really changed the overall landscape at the front of the house.  It went from just a slope-grassed front yard to a beautiful and functional work of art.
The success of each project boils down to the planning.  From the initial consultation to the material selection, to laying out the design and double-checking dimensions.  And all this before any excavation takes place.  When we arrive on the job site on the very first day, we go over the job with the client again.  We have daily conversations and updates with the client to ensure that they are satisfied with the progress to date.
Our steps look something like this:
  • Initial Consult
  • Take measurements
  • Calculate and provide a quote
  • Once the quote is accepted, the project is scheduled in
  • If it has not happened before the quote was accepted, material and colour selection takes place.
  • The first couple days on-site are spent doing excavation and preparing the base for the interlock work
  • The remaining days are spent on actual construction
  • Final steps are sodding around the interlock work and cleaning up the work site, including requesting a street sweeper to clean the street in front of the job site if needed.
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