Building a Deck: 5 Things to Take Under Consideration

A deck is a wonderful feature to add to your home. Decks help maximize outdoor space while also adding value to your property. Properly designed and constructed decks last for years and make the initial investment well worth the outcome. Before moving forwards with your deck building project, it’s essential to think about the following five things:

  1. Permits – Unless the deck you are building is really small, you will need to acquire a permit. A contractor can help you determine which permits you need and how to go about getting them. Make sure you look into this before doing anything else, as different permits have different stipulations and could affect the design of your deck.
  2. Materials – Historically, the most common material used for decks has been wood. However, nowadays there are many options for decking. Depending what the weather is like where you live, one material may be preferable to another. Common options include weather-resistant woods, pressure-treated woods, composite decking, and alternatives like plastic and aluminum.
  3. Time and Space – It’s important to be aware of the time and space required to complete your project. Have a look at your schedule, and determine what dates work best for you taking into consideration any vacations planned or time away from home. If you want a deck ready for summer, make sure you kick-off your deck build in early to mid-May to ensure successful completion.
  4. Multi-level vs. single level – Many people assume that a deck must be one-level because this is how they are commonly built. However, multi-level decks are also a possibility. Depending on how much space you have to work with, a multi-level deck could be an excellent option for your backyard. For smaller yards, multi-level decks can really help maximize the amount of outdoor living space you end up with.
  5. Protect your investment – A deck is an investment in time, in money and in the value of your home, which is why it’s essential to protect that investment through the use of sealers and stains. Finishing is crucial to the durability of your deck and will protect it from UV Rays as well as harsh weather. A skilled contractor will know exactly what product to use to best protect your deck, and even enhance the natural colours of the material you choose.

Building a Deck: Garden

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