5 Family-Friendly Backyard Ideas

School’s out for the summer, and you may be wondering how to keep your kids entertained for the next two months… Look no farther than your own backyard. There are so many creative ways to transform a yard into a family-friendly paradise, and not all of them involve building elaborate treehouses — although a treehouse would be a great project to work on with your children this summer!

Here are five family-friendly backyard ideas, to transform your green space into a play space for the kids:
1. Hang a Swing

What would a family backyard be without a swing or two? You can easily hang a simple rope swing, or a tire swing from a sturdy branch, or if you are lacking trees in your backyard, invest in a stand-alone swing set!

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2. Make a Chalkboard

Make your own chalkboard and hang it against a fence or the side of the house! The kids will love drawing and leaving each other messages on this board all summer long. Make sure you use something like a flat exterior latex enamel instead of chalkboard paint for durability.

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3. Install a Splash Pad

There are kits you can buy to install a splash pad right in your own backyard! They can be a little complicated, so it might be best to have a professional install it. No need to worry about wasting water either — these are usually built to absorb water back through the pad and recirculate it.

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4. Create a Play Area

You can create a fun play area almost anywhere, with the help of some playground tiles. If you have a big backyard, but no grass, or a paver patio, you can easily transform it using rubber playground tiles. These come in all sorts of colours, and you can even find ones made from recycled material.

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5. Make Your Own Zipline

If you have a larger backyard, delight your children by installing a zipline for them! There are lots of kits available on the market that will allow you to do this, and you can even get a glow-in-the-dark one for extra fun.

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Summer is all about getting active and enjoying the fresh air… Or at least it should be! With these easy ideas, you can inspire your kids to play outside instead of indoors.

Need help making the most of your green space this summer? Your local experts at NeighborScape can tackle all sorts of landscape construction and backyard projects! Get in touch with us by calling 613-692-7051 or emailing info@neighborscape.ca. We can’t wait to discuss your next project.

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