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Ottawa’s Most Reliable Lawn Maintenance Services

¬†We believe in keeping your lawn maintenance low-maintenance. Once you’ve selected a lawn maintenance package, you will never have to worry about maintaining your grass again

Looking for more than simply grass cutting services? Ask us about our professional yard clean-up services, fertilizing, aerating, lawn repair, and tree trimming. We do it all!

lawn aeration


Neighborscape takes care of aeration, the process of punching small holes throughout the yard in order to let oxygen, water and fertilizer easily reach the grass’s roots.

front yard landscaping


Did you know that fall is the most important time to fertilize? Neighborscape delivers essential nutrients to your lawn so the grass can grow deep roots and keep nutrients on reserve for spring time.

rake up lawn debris

Raking Leaves

Neighborscape eliminates every rogue leaf on your lawn. Why? Because after a bout of moisture they can stick together and cause an impenetrable mat that deprives your lawn of sun and nutrients.

landscaped yard

Fill in Bald Spots

Nobody wants a patchy lawn. Let us fix your lawn’s embarrassing bald spots this fall with our special lawn repair mixture. You’ll be shocked at your smooth, patch-less lawn in the spring.