Lawn Maintenance

Lawn cutting and maintenance packages customized to you.

Ottawa Lawn Maintenance Services

Lawn maintenance is much more than simply grass cutting! We’ll provide custom lawn mowing and maintenance packages that leave your property looking spectacular week after week. We believe in providing set-it-and-forget-it lawn contractor services. Once you’ve selected your ideal lawn mowing services, you’ll forget what life was like before your lawn looked this perfect.

NeighborScape also provides seasonal yard clean up services, including spring clean ups, fall clean ups, leaf removal, fertilizing, aerating, lawn repair and tree trimming. Contact us to learn more!


Our contracted mowing and trimming service provides exceptional weekly care for your lawn. All properties are eligible for this service.


Our bi-weekly contracted service provides exceptional lawn mowing and trimming for properties that have slow growing grass.

Holiday Services

Heading out of town? We’ll keep your lawn looking spectacular. It’ll be like you never went away.

End Of Week Premium

Want a flawless lawn every weekend? We’ll schedule your services for Thursdays and Fridays, ensuring fresh grass all weekend long.

Other Lawn Maintenance Services

Is your lawn feeling neglected? With spring and fall clean-ups, aerating, fertilizing, and repairs, our lawn maintenance services will help to perk up even the saddest lawn. 

Lawn Maintenance Service Packages

Bundle your lawn maintenance services, and save! Our packages offer savings between 5% – 20% off. Contact us today to create your custom maintenance package.

Hey…Nice Grass

Be the envy of the block with a perfect, perky grass all season long. Whether you prefer a neat trim, or lush full grass, we’ll cause your neighbours to stop and stare.


  • Spring cleanup and fertilization
  • Weekly lawn cutting
  • Aeration
  • Summer fertilizer
  • Fall fertilizer and cleanup

The Weekender

Saturdays spent mowing your lawn are best saved for Norman Rockwell paintings. This package is for people who want to effortlessly enjoy their yard on the weekends.


  • Spring cleanup
  • Garden trimming
  • Weekly lawn cutting prioritized on Thursday/Friday
  • Monthly garden weeding

The Whole Shebang

This lawn maintenance package is the full meal deal, the big whammy, the whole nine yards… or however many yards your yard is. Your lawn has never looked so spectacular.


  • Spring cleanup and fertilization
  • Mulch installation
  • Aeration
  • Weekly lawn cutting
  • Bi-weekly garden cleanup
  • Fall fertilizer cleanup

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Lawn Maintenance
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