Snow Removal by NeighborSnow

SNow Removal

Our industry partners NeighborSnow provide a customer oriented service.


Driveway Snow Blowing

With our industry partners NeighborSnow, clearing starts after the first 5cm, day or night. They understand storms can deliver mass amounts of snow, so they do a second pass once the storm has stopped. If the city plow still hasn’t passed, the team will pass for the third time.


Walkway Shovelling

Don’t want to or can’t shovel your walkways? NeighborSnow can help with that too! They use shovels and small snow blowers to ensure a job well done without damaging your walkway. All walkway clearing is performed only after the storm has passed.

What sets NeighborSnow apart?

They’ve always called the Ottawa Valley home, and for the past years they have proudly helped neighbours with their winter needs. NeighborSnow is a customer service based company that is there when you need them, every time. All of the packages include;

  • No snowfall maximum
  • 24/hr emergency service
  • First clearing at 5cm & follow up after city plow
  • Real time GPS tractor tracking
  • Contact with drivers
  • State of the art tractors and snow blowers



Bundle your property maintenance services, and save! Our packages offer savings between 5% – 20% off. Contact us today to select and price your ideal property maintenance package!

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NeighborSnow is its own wholly owned corporation and is not a subisidary of NeighborScape Inc. NeighborScape Inc. does not take responsibility for the work or liability of the NeighborSnow Inc. team. If you have any concerns about your services, please contact NeighborSnow Inc. directly at 613-850-0393 or info@neighborsnow.ca