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Ottawa Landscaping and Paving

Are you looking for landscaping design solutions? We’re the Ottawa Valley region pavers and stonework experts. We’re Ontario born and raised, so we believe in building patios that are salt-tolerant and can withstand winter weather.

Our interlock and natural stone tiles are hardy, and include a 2 year warranty. Let us design the walkway, steps, or patio of your dreams.

interlock stone patio
Interlock and Natural Stone

Interlock and natural stone patios are hardy, cost-effective, and best of all – they look great. Let our paving and construction pros design pathways, patios, stairs, and outdoor BBQ spaces.

Backyard Deck and Interlock Stone
Decks, Fences & Wood Features

Custom wooden decks and fences give you privacy and a tranquil place to relax. We can create custom staircases, matching benches, and elegant gazebos and garden trellises. 

Mowed lawn in ottawa
Property Landscaping

When it comes to all things green, leaf the work to us. From lawn overhauls to garden and horticulture design, let us make your property your personal oasis.

interlock water feature
Custom Features

Got something creative in mind? We’re up for the challenge! From outdoor stoves and fire pits, to custom waterfalls and beaches, we can design custom features that enhance your yard.

Our Process

1  Excavation

We excavate the area by a minimum of 16 inches (more for driveways). This depth is above industry average to ensure your interlock stays put!

2  Base Creation

Our base is created using granular gravel, compacted every 4 inches. We line the base with heavy-duty geotextile fabric that separates the gravel base form the surrounding soil. This ensures our bases stay stronger for longer, and don’t contaminate.

3  Laying the Stones

Once the base is in, we level and compact a final layer of stone dust. Then, it’s time to begin laying stones. We can create a wide variety of patterns – ask us for ideas!

4  Polymetric Sand

We finish our work with polymetric jointing sand. This top-of-the-line sand prevents weeds from penetrating and growing, ensuring you’re left with beautiful interlock for years to come.

Our Landscaping Design Gallery

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Back Garden Design
Lawn Cutting