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Elevate your backyard oasis with a custom built deck or pergola,
where design meets function.

Is it time to add a deck to your yard? Or build a beautiful pergola?

Custom designed decks and pergolas enhance your yard, giving you space, flexibility and tranquillity to truly relax. Or host those summer BBQ parties you’ve always wanted to!

Because all our decks and pergolas are custom designed to compliment your home, the options are endless. We’ll work together to add any stairs, benches or gardens beds to complete your new space.


Why we love working with wood


Our stone patios are built to last. We excavate to a minimum of 15 inches – 7 inches deeper than the industry standard.


Our decks and pergolas are built  come with a 2-year warranty, are salt-tolerant and built to withstand winter weather.


With a wide variety of shapes, colours and textures, if you can imagine it, we can build it. Enjoy your customized backyard oasis!


From patios and benches to retaining walls and garden beds, our stonework experts are your backyard’s best friend.

Create decks, stairs or pergolas. We’re only limited by your imagination!

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