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Sit back and enjoy your lawn, while we keep it in tip-top shape!

Wondering if your Saturday mornings need to be dedicated to mowing your lawn? You’re not alone.

Our lawn maintenance packages come in all shapes and sizes, just like a lawn. Whether you want someone to come in once a month to keep your lawn healthy or you want the whole shebang of lawn manicures and maintenance. We can help.

Choose from our pre-made packages or pick and choose the services that best suit you and your lawns needs.

Interlock, Lafitt, Ottawa, Permacon, Trafalgar-7-min

Choose a schedule to suit your garden.


Our contracted mowing and trimming service provides exceptional weekly care for your lawn.


Our bi-weekly service, including mowing and trimming, is perfect for homes with slow growing grass.

Holiday Service

Heading out of town? We’ll keep your lawn looking spectacular. It’ll be like you never went away.

End of week premium

Get a perfect lawn every weekend! We’ll schedule your services for Thursdays and Fridays.

Be the envy of your neighbours, with a lawn that looks this good!

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